Rebelle sanitary pads packaging
Reusable sanitary pads

How do we keep you comfortable?

100% organic cotton reusable sanitary pads


Made of soft, breathable material that is gentle on you

skin friendly reusable sanitary pads


Have zero chemicals, perfumes, gels, carcinogens or plastic.

sanitay pad shape reusable sanitary pads


Allows you to use the wider side on top and the narrow side at the bottom when you are on the go and vice versa during nights

leak proof reusables sanitary pads


Have multiple layers of highly absorbent material that will keep you comfortable and protected

eco-friendly reusable pads


All our products are sustainable. We also provide desi seeds to all our customers. All you have to do is plant them ! 

When you choose Rebelle,

you pick a safer way to care for yourself

and for mother nature

At Rebelle, we are committed to going above and beyond to guarantee our customers a satisfying product and shopping experience.


"Very comfortable. The pads are long and prevent any leakage. No problem of rashes which I had earlier with other pads. These are so soft and comfortable. Washing is not a hassle, if soaked well and it won't take much time. I got used to it within one period :)

Most importantly, this is my contribution to the planet. No more dumping of used pads. Go for it people.. you will feel better about yourself."

- Kiranmay, Delhi.

Rebelle Community

Rebelle Natural Menstrual Pads, formerly known as Idham pads, was born of one woman’s desire that every woman should be able to choose a safer, more sensible alternative to regular sanitary pads. And get freedom from excessive dryness, rashes, itches that they cause.

Our founder, Malinee spent many months designing and redesigning natural cotton pads using feedback and suggestions from a wide circle of friends and family.

Now, with Rebelle it is possible for women to choose comfort and safety, both for themselves and for the earth.

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Rebelle is for every women who choose to be comfortable

You don’t have to start a revolution. You just have to be comfy. You can be the girl who guffaws instead of tittering. You can be the one who chooses to talk about sex as if it’s the most natural thing in the world, which it is. You can be the woman who wears the pants, because you have a pair that’s so old it feels like a second skin. You can be the woman who wears makeup, or not, depending on how lazy you’re feeling. You can be the woman who does exactly what feels comfortable, no more, no less.

Rebelle is naturally comfortable. Rebelle is for you.