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Causes of worms in children. It’s really easy for children to get worms. Contrary to popular belief, worms in children don’t necessarily have to do with lack of.

  • Oct 27, 2021Worms in kids: signs and symptoms. itchiness around the bottom and/or vagina, which is usually worse at night. a bottom that looks red on lighter skin or brown, purple or grey on darker skin. restlessness.

  • Worms are parasites that live in the intestines and derive nutrition from the child’s diet. A worm infection, also termed Helminth infection, is one of the causes of stomach ache in children. As these infections are common, it is best to be aware of the different types of worms, and causes, symptoms and treatment of a worm infection.

  • The way your child will get threadworm is by first ingesting an egg. The egg can be found on absolutely anything that can be touched by someone who has.

What Causes A Child To Get Worms

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