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Rebelle comes in three sizes to fit various panty sizes

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SizesPanty SizePad Size
MediumUp to 80cm24cm
Large85 to 100cm29cm
X-Large100cm & above34cm
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Biodegradable Single use pads

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Size Guide
  • 100% natural cotton cloth & biodegradable pads
  • Pack of 8 (5 heavy & 3 regular) can be used up to 12 hours
  • Soft & breathable material that is gentle on skin
  • Menstrual pads with no chemicals, gel & plastic
  • Smartly shaped pads for all day comfort
  • Multilayers of highly absorbent material to keep you dry for longer
  • The leak proof layer is made of vegetable base which is biodegradable.
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Your regular sanitary pads may not be biodegradable, but Rebelle menstrual pads are made of 100% Organic cotton cloth and are biodegradable, so they don’t harm the environment.

Long term usage of regular sanitary pads may cause rashes & itches due to the chemicals, gel & plastic present in them but when you choose Rebelle, you pick the naturally more comfortable and safer way to care for yourself during your periods. They protect you from skin infections, not just leaks. While the PUL layer in Rebelle reusable pads is water resistant, it allows your skin to breathe as it doesn’t restrict the flow of air.

The unique bell shape of our pads allow you to use it in two ways depending on the time of usage and the flow. During the nights when you fear leaks use the narrow part on top and the wider part at the bottom and exactly the opposite way during daytime when you are on the move. This is a unique feature that is currently unavailable in any other sanitary pad.

Disclaimer: Rebelle 100% natural menstrual pads are meticulously hand stitched so the size & shape may vary a little and the printed designs would keep changing.

What's Inside

Package Includes

5 Heavy flow pads
3 Regular flow pads
Disposal covers with a red dot
Dry pouch to carry menstrual pads
Multipurpose cloth bag which carries all of the above