Rebelle reusable sanitary pads are made of 100% organic cotton cloth. Long term usage of regular sanitary pads may cause rashes & itches due to the chemicals, gel & plastic present in them but when you choose Rebelle, you pick the naturally more comfortable and safer way to care for yourself during your periods.

Rebelle (Pack of 2) Reusable Cloth Pads

  • > 100% natural cotton cloth & eco-friendly pads

    > Pack of 2 (1 heavy & 1 regular)

    > Soft & breathable material that is gentle on skin

    > Menstrual pads with no chemicals, gel & plastic

    > Smartly shaped pads for all day comfort

    > Multilayers of highly absorbent material to keep you dry for longer

    > Recommended usage: up to 12 months

    > The leak proof layer is made of PUL fabric.

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